No beads yet

Another week has gone by and I haven’t had time to make any beads. Go figure! I guess this new little guy isn’t gonna be a napper like his sister. I’m not complaining! TRUST ME! He’s the BEST and he has slept through the night since birth, practically. I mean – ALL through the night. He usually hits the hay around 8:30 and sleeps until 7 or 8 (sometimes 9!) the next day. I’d much rather have that – although it doesn’t leave me much time to get things done during the day. He also prefers to be held or entertained.

So, I’m sorry I have more family posts than beadie posts! It’s just the way life is going these days!

My six year old, Raegan, had a dentist appointment yesterday. She had yet another cavity filled. (That’s three, poor girlie.) She is such the trooper, though. She didn’t even hesitate to plop herself up into that chair and sniff in the orange smelling laughing gas. (She did say that the orange smells just like the strawberry stuff.) I don’t think she felt all that great last night, but she wasn’t about to let us know that…. She was running around like the crazy kid she is!

My Kiddos!

My Kiddos!

I guess this is an introduction….since most of the pictures I’ve posted on a blog are HERE. So, since I’m probably gonna continue on here (easier, free, better looking), I figure I’d better let ya’ll in on who I am and who make up my life! I really want to be a “blogger,” but I’m not much of a writer. Hopefully I’ll pick up speed and think of more creative things to write about. Also, I hope my beads pick up speed so I can post stuff on THOSE!

I HAVE made a touch of progress on the clump of “clumsy” beads I posted before. I’ve taken them off the mandrels! They need to be cleaned….and I’m hoping to get pictures before next week.

Oooh – which reminds me – three day weekend!! Yay! Maybe on Monday I’ll get a bit ‘o time at the torch! WhooPAH! That would be great!

But for now – I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you find an extra dose of love in your life this weekend, whether it be from a spouse, significant other, kid or fur-baby!

xoxo – Haley

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  1. They are so “mignons” cute.

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