Most of you that know me know that I’m one of the world’s worst gift-givers. I never plan well. I usually forget. I have great intentions, but usually fall short.

So – it REALLLLLLY bothers me when I actually put a plan in ACTION, think I’m doing something really special for someone….and KURSPLAT!!! Something happens that is out of my control….and the plan goes flyin’ out the window. Or gets lost in the mail……

I sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to my new “step-mom” for Mother’s Day. She’s really more just an awesome friend and my Dad’s love….just because “step-mom” doesn’t fit and I’m kinda old to have a NEW mom. (Trust me, I love her to pieces, it’s just weird to think of her as “mom.”)

I digress…. I sent her…no WE sent her flowers for Mother’s Day. And she didn’t get them. Now – I understand why they probably didn’t get there Sunday. I am still a procrastinator. But when they promised by Monday, I expected them by Monday! And….yes – it’s TUESDAY and they are still not there.

Or lost.

I’m bummed – and out quite a few dollars to boot! So – I’ve sent a request to see what’s UP. Uh, HELLO! They have 48 hours to respond? I want my answer NOW.


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