Happy Rags?

So my hubby’s cousin hosted a mini get together a week or so ago…..  She had a gal there talking about these rags (yes, just rags) that are microfiber and antibacterial.  I’m not (ahem) much for cleaning, but I thought I’d go check it out.

Wellllll, I’m impressed.  I guess they have silver, somehow, embedded into the microfiber and the silver, somehow, kills any bacteria you are wiping up, all the while holding it in with the microfiber.  I’m not a huge neat freak, but cleanliness is important with a little one crawling around putting EVERYTHING into his mouth.  These little (kinda pricey) goodies just pick up all the cooties and kill ’em!  I thought – wow….cooooool.

And they don’t just make “happy rags,” as our hostess called them.  They have wash cloths, kitchen towels, mops, hair turbans (for after showers) and much, much more!!  I have to start slow, though, as I said it’s expensive.


Just wait.


You don’t have to quirt, spray, douse or wipe with ANYTHING first.  Say you’re cleaning your sliding glass door that is covered in sticky little handprints.  Just get one of the “happy rags” wet and wipe it off.  Then take another “happy rag,” one used for “polishing,” and wipe it dry.  VOILA! You have a clean window.  No Windex needed. No excess paper towel usage. No chemicals so even your KIDS could do it.

I haven’t received my “happy rags” yet, but lemme tell you, I’m kinda excited to CLEAN!  Seriously.  Makes the environment happy.  Makes for an easy to clean house.  Makes for little HELPERS to earn a bit of an allowance (or a big smooch).  Makes this Mama happy.  “Happy Rags!”  Check ’em out! 🙂

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