Blowin’ Noses

That’s all we are doing around here these days.  Just some head colds floatin’ around.  Nothing too major, but enough to shove my motivation back into the closet.  My kiln is on today and I have hopes of playin’ around and getting some new beads done.  It’s raining.  I love to torch in the rain.  (Well, I’m not LITERALLY in the rain, silly!)

I have quite a few little beads to clean.  Have I ever stressed how I REALLY dislike cleaning beads?  Anyone wanna come and clean them for me?  PWEEEEEZE?!?!?  I’ve been meaning to get them cleaned for weeks now.  I guess I’m just lazy!

What’s new with you all?  I’m still working on my website, not sure about the blog change now and waiting patiently for this new creative endeavor I keep talking about to come to fruition.  SOON!  VERY SOON!  I’m also debating a new bead press.  Don’t know if I want a chunky disk (LIKE THIS) or maybe something like THIS for Pandora-like beads?  What do YOU think?  I love her presses, but I have to choke down spending that much.  We’ll see.  I’ve been pondering (and saving) this decision for awhile……  Guess I’ll ponder some more!

MUCH LOVE from BuckleBottom! 🙂

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Post Valentine’s Day Post :)

I love the idea of Valentine’s Day.  I really do.  But my Love doesn’t really “DO” Valentine’s Day.  He acknowledges it.  There are the usual cards and gifts for me and the kiddos, but I know he’s not really into it.  I can respect that.  He DOES show me love every day of the year, but I told him it’s not just about THAT. 🙂

It’s about ROMANCE when it comes to your spouse or significant other.  It’s about taking a day and DEVOTING it to that special person(s) you love.  (I firmly believe that my children are the Valentine’s in our life, too.)  And my loving husband is okay with that.  He’ll go with the flow.  He’s just not, as I stated, INTO it as much as I am.

But this past Valentine’s Day was super special.  We planned it together and directed it towards our awesome daughter.  She often times is neglected in the shuffle of things and asked to be more grown up than she is.  She’s a trooper and she needed some special recognition on a special day.

And since Broadway musicals are my MOST FAVORITE thing to see…..I got my special treat on that same special day, too.  She grabbed her BFF, we went to a sit-down restaurant (Red Robin is as fancy as it gets since seven year old girls prefer McDonalds), went and saw Mary Poppins and had a sleep-over!  It was quite the treat for her, but for me, too.  We had a very nice Valentine’s Day. ❤

Hope you did, too!

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Oy! The sickies!

It has been one rough winter here in the BuckleBottom household.  My big girl has had a sinus infection and multiple colds (with a lousy cough attached to all of them) and my monkey-boy has had some respiratory issues.  He’s now recovering from pneumonia-ish symptoms, asthma-like issues and an ear infection.  Poor little dude!  I’m trying to shake a stinkin’ cold and the Mister is fighting off getting any of it!  (So far, so good!)

Little man and I head to the doc again this afternoon to make sure his oxygen levels are improving and to see if there is anything else we can do to help him feel better.  I HATE antibiotics and steroids and all that stuff, but I don’t know how to avoid it at this point.  As much as I LOVE WINTER, I dislike the gunk and goobers that come with it.  It almost makes me wish for summer, but along with that comes 116 degree heat……..ugh!

I hope you all are staying healthy and happy!  I know I’ve got stuff I’ve promised to share with you all – new beads, new blog and potential new creative outlet, but….alas….things are on hold until we can all stop drippin’, coughin’ and snottin’ up the joint. 😉

Much love!

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Second Grade

My baby girl is growing up.  She has sported the independent attitude for years, but today was the first time she’s gone to school, on the first day, without Momma.  Granted, she only had roughly 8 weeks off so it wasn’t a LONG, endless summer….but still.  My big girl.

Raegan Jane - Second Grader

Raegan Jane - Second Grader

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Happy Rags?

So my hubby’s cousin hosted a mini get together a week or so ago…..  She had a gal there talking about these rags (yes, just rags) that are microfiber and antibacterial.  I’m not (ahem) much for cleaning, but I thought I’d go check it out.

Wellllll, I’m impressed.  I guess they have silver, somehow, embedded into the microfiber and the silver, somehow, kills any bacteria you are wiping up, all the while holding it in with the microfiber.  I’m not a huge neat freak, but cleanliness is important with a little one crawling around putting EVERYTHING into his mouth.  These little (kinda pricey) goodies just pick up all the cooties and kill ’em!  I thought – wow….cooooool.

And they don’t just make “happy rags,” as our hostess called them.  They have wash cloths, kitchen towels, mops, hair turbans (for after showers) and much, much more!!  I have to start slow, though, as I said it’s expensive.


Just wait.


You don’t have to quirt, spray, douse or wipe with ANYTHING first.  Say you’re cleaning your sliding glass door that is covered in sticky little handprints.  Just get one of the “happy rags” wet and wipe it off.  Then take another “happy rag,” one used for “polishing,” and wipe it dry.  VOILA! You have a clean window.  No Windex needed. No excess paper towel usage. No chemicals so even your KIDS could do it.

I haven’t received my “happy rags” yet, but lemme tell you, I’m kinda excited to CLEAN!  Seriously.  Makes the environment happy.  Makes for an easy to clean house.  Makes for little HELPERS to earn a bit of an allowance (or a big smooch).  Makes this Mama happy.  “Happy Rags!”  Check ’em out! 🙂

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What I did on my summer vacation…..part 2

There is nothing…NOTHING….like being by the water.  For me it is PEACE. COMFORT. JOY. EASE.  I just love it.  Why, oh why do I live in the desert?!?!

My family goes on a vacation every summer together.  By “my family” I mean my immediate family (hubby and [2] kiddos) AND my dad and his wifey.   The past three years we have gone to Cannon Beach, Oregon.  We get there, move in and start relaxing IMMEDIATELY.  It’s just easy – especially since we have stayed at the same house each time.  We quickly get into a daily routine, which sure doesn’t include MUCH, but ENOUGH. We. Just. Love. It.

We spent 10 days there.  STILL not enough time.  I really do dread coming back home, getting into a funk the day before we leave.  I don’t like to be that way, but I just can’t seem to help it.  The simple life we live on vacation suites me just fine.

But, I’m back.  I’m back to 100+ degree temperatures, no beach to be seen and having to care for the kiddos (as sweet and terrific as they are) all by myself during the day.  (I LOVE sharing the responsibility!)  Ho HUM.

I wish to be here again:

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Sandy Toes


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Today is a SPECIAL day!

Today is Josh’s birthday.  My loving, caring, hard-working, motivated, Spirit-filled husband’s birthday.  He is an incredible man that works endlessly to provide for his family.  Not only does he get up every morning to go in to work and provide for us, he comes home and does one of the household duties that most gals, especially stay-at-home moms like myself, do.  He COOKS!  Yes – he is a man full of integrity, honesty and loyalty.  AND I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!




Happy Birthday, my sweet husband.  I hope your day is extra special.

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What I did on my summer vacation….part 1

Well, summer is officially in FULL swing.  We have spent some time in Tucson, a little bit of time just chillin’ and now we’ve done the official beginning of summer camp-out.  We went on our annual camping trip with our home group buddies.  We always look forward to it.  It’s tough because I’m not a HUGE fan of camping, but I so love hangin’ out with my “peeps.”


And Raegan (my six year old) went to Girl Scout day camp today.  It’s SPA week.  LOL!  She had a blast, but BOY was she tired after camping all weekend and then hanging out in the sun ALL DAY today.  She’s a trooper though.  I hope she makes it through the week!  I hope to get a picture tomorrow morning.  Didn’t get one the first day.

Summer Vacation Part 2 should be coming shortly……we leave for our BIG vacation in under two weeks.  YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAW!!!!!

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I didn’t add it to my 10 Faves yesterday – because I haven’t done an “ultimate faves” list….but….if I were to put an ultimate favorite list together, this would make it on there. 🙂

Those of you that know me may comment “of course!!” And please do! I need more comments….. 😉

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