Olympics, anyone?

Anybody out there watchin’ the Olympics?  I know LOTS of people are….including me.  I’m not HUGELY into it, but I like watching it in the evenings.  But does it seem to you (like it does to me) that there have been WAY TOO MANY crashes, tumbles, trips and foibles this year?  I don’t remember so many disqualifications happening in previous years.  Maybe it’s just me?

Anyway.  On my mind.  I’m headin’ to the torch, ya’ll.  WHOOOO HOOOO!

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Post Valentine’s Day Post :)

I love the idea of Valentine’s Day.  I really do.  But my Love doesn’t really “DO” Valentine’s Day.  He acknowledges it.  There are the usual cards and gifts for me and the kiddos, but I know he’s not really into it.  I can respect that.  He DOES show me love every day of the year, but I told him it’s not just about THAT. 🙂

It’s about ROMANCE when it comes to your spouse or significant other.  It’s about taking a day and DEVOTING it to that special person(s) you love.  (I firmly believe that my children are the Valentine’s in our life, too.)  And my loving husband is okay with that.  He’ll go with the flow.  He’s just not, as I stated, INTO it as much as I am.

But this past Valentine’s Day was super special.  We planned it together and directed it towards our awesome daughter.  She often times is neglected in the shuffle of things and asked to be more grown up than she is.  She’s a trooper and she needed some special recognition on a special day.


And since Broadway musicals are my MOST FAVORITE thing to see…..I got my special treat on that same special day, too.  She grabbed her BFF, we went to a sit-down restaurant (Red Robin is as fancy as it gets since seven year old girls prefer McDonalds), went and saw Mary Poppins and had a sleep-over!  It was quite the treat for her, but for me, too.  We had a very nice Valentine’s Day. ❤

Hope you did, too!

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Oy! The sickies!

It has been one rough winter here in the BuckleBottom household.  My big girl has had a sinus infection and multiple colds (with a lousy cough attached to all of them) and my monkey-boy has had some respiratory issues.  He’s now recovering from pneumonia-ish symptoms, asthma-like issues and an ear infection.  Poor little dude!  I’m trying to shake a stinkin’ cold and the Mister is fighting off getting any of it!  (So far, so good!)

Little man and I head to the doc again this afternoon to make sure his oxygen levels are improving and to see if there is anything else we can do to help him feel better.  I HATE antibiotics and steroids and all that stuff, but I don’t know how to avoid it at this point.  As much as I LOVE WINTER, I dislike the gunk and goobers that come with it.  It almost makes me wish for summer, but along with that comes 116 degree heat…..so…..ugh!

I hope you all are staying healthy and happy!  I know I’ve got stuff I’ve promised to share with you all – new beads, new blog and potential new creative outlet, but….alas….things are on hold until we can all stop drippin’, coughin’ and snottin’ up the joint. 😉

Much love!

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Been searchin’ for cool stuff.

And I found this!

Click on it and it’ll take you to the website to create your own!  (Also, I credit THIS GAL for pointing me to Wordle!) 🙂

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Things to come.

I’m working on a new blog….and some other things.  So, if I appear to be MIA, be patient.  I will be back with new beads, new blog and new website!  I’m taking on a new creative project that I hope will be the beginning of a new adventure by the time 2011 rolls around.  🙂  We shall see!

I plan on getting to the torch this week.  Just need to get my propane tank all filled up.  Stay tuned.

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I just wanted to wish all my friends, family and faithful blog readers a very happy TWENTY-TEN! 🙂  I’m really looking forward to this year – seriously.  I am going to work on a “goal” list (something new for me) and I hope to return to it frequently to keep myself in check.  I don’t like schedules.  I don’t like routine.  But I do want some sort of agenda for my ever-changing creative side.

I’ve recently acknowledged, admitted or became aware of the fact that I really, truly like to mix things up a bit.  Not CHANGE things, necessarily, just make minor adjustments.  Like learning something new.  Finding new ways to be creative.  Do things to make life easier.   Hubby just asked me yesterday, “Have you always been like this?”  Uh, I don’t know.  But I’ve been thinking about that question.  I DO get little obsessions from time-to-time.  Things that get in my craw, per se, and I want to do something about it – even if just for a couple hours, couple days…..couple years.  Scrapbooking was one of those things.  I’d never consider myself a scrapbooker anymore, but I was for about 5 years.  Lampworking has been one of those things – but it’s going on 6 years (in March) now.  I’m not ready to give that up.  It’s maintained its flame (ha ha) in my heart.  But it does ebb and flow.  I’ve taken breaks and not been motivated over the past 6 years.  And truth be told – the past couple months have been a long break.

So, I guess I’d like to get on a bit of a creative schedule – and stick to it.  Have time for bead stuff, web stuff and new endeavors.  I’ve not been on the forums in the past year – and I think that helps to an extent.  However, because of it, I’ve lost touch with that community, which ISN’T a good thing.  Not sure what I’ll do with that.  Got any input, glassy friends?  Shoot me a comment. PLEASE.

Which leads me to the NEW endeavor/obsession part……but I think I’ll save that for another post.  🙂


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Pending Sale

I just need to get my act in gear, update my pictures and check my pricing, but I’d like to have a Christmas Sale.  Those of you that live close to me will have your items before Christmas, but I can’t guarantee anyone anything if I have to ship it.  I will do my best to get it in the mail…..then it’s up to the posty. 🙂  Big price reductions (up to 50%) and lots to choose from.  I’ll be back before the weekend with new things and sale items.


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Thanksgiving is over.  Therefore, in my mind, the Christmas season has begun!!  JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!  WHOO HOO!!!  Almost all our Christmas decor is up thanks to my awesome hubby!  Our tree is up.  The lights on the house are almost done.  The decor is spread throughout the house.  The holiday tunes are a-blastin’.  🙂  Even my blog got a little “Christmasized.”

So here’s to a very MERRY Christmastime to you and yours.


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The Promise

I TOLDJA I’d have beads!

Go HERE to check out MUCH MUCH MORE!  🙂

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Torchin’ Again!

Oxygen concentrator fixed.


Weather cooling off.


Beads being made.


Pictures taken of said beads.

Uh – nope.  Not yet!  But I’ll try to get some today and post them.  I’m just kinda warming up, so they aren’t that great yet and may look better in jewelry….so….until I like what I see, please wait! 🙂  And be patient.  I’m very excited with a couple things I’m working on.

I do have some custom bead orders pending (I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU!) but I also have a boutique (I only do two a year) in two and a half weeks.  I’m sorry, I’m crankin’ it all out as fast as I can.  I am just working when my littlest is napping (so – maybe an hour and a half a day, Mon-Fri) and my eldest is in school (not this week!).  Not in panic mode……yet.

So stay tuned.  I promise the next update will have beadie goodies and jewelry!

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