Summer Is Here!

We had an unusually long spring, which was FINE BY ME!  We didn’t really get HOT hot until this week.  It really was nice weather.

Then school let out.  The daughter started her usual persistent chatter.  The pool started to become warm enough to get in.  And the temperature outside started to creep upwards….towards 100……then past 100.  We are suppose to get up to about 110 by Sunday.

I know.  It happens every year.  “You live in Arizona, so you must like the heat.”  Nope.  I don’t live in Arizona for the heat.  I live in Arizona so that my husband has a steady income, my kids can visit grandparents almost whenever they want and because it’s such a pain to move. 😛  So I brace myself for 110…..115….120 degrees.

And that is why Blaze (the torchie-poo in my studio garage) sits unattended.  No amount of portable AC can cool that little corner of my glassy world enough.  So he sits abandoned.  But I do have quite a few beads made to get me through the summer.  I plan on putting quite a few sets together (some “orphan” bead sets, bracelet/necklace sets and earring pairs) for Etsy and then some more jewelry for my website.  I have a couple custom orders to finish…..then it’s SALE TIME.

I figured that would be a really good way to help us all through the summer – with some fabulously fun, sassy and HOT bead goodies for ya.  So, I plan on getting stuff together in the next couple of weeks so that by mid-late June, I’ll have some great stuff listed.

I will be back in a couple of days to announce a chance to WIN beads/jewelry right here on my blog.  Until then – STAY COOL.


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I’ve listed some earrings on my website – HERE – on sale for Mother’s Day! Just click on *EARRINGS SALE* to see all the goodies.  Send me an email if interested! 🙂

I’ve made more bead pairs that are just waiting to get turned into earrings and then they’ll be put up, too.  This “one-gal band” can only do so much, especially with a 1 year old trying to get his hands on….everything!

Sale is until May 9th.  Claim your earrings soon (by Wednesday) in order to get them by Mother’s Day!  If you’re not in a hurry, please let me know. 🙂  Thank you!!

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ThIs AnD tHaT

Hi again!  I’ve decided that I need some sort of PUSH to get me to start making jewelry and such again and get things listed on Etsy (or here) on a regular basis.  So.  I am going to have an earring sale.  That’s right.  Earrings only.  I will focus on making them this weekend and next and hopefully will have some goodies out there for you by….let’s say….um….May 3rd.  That gives me just over a week to crank out some funky, fun and sparklie earrings.  (I don’t spell that word like I’m suppose to – it’s better like that. 🙂 )  SPARKLIE!  Ask me later what that word REALLY means to me….

Anyway.  A sale.  Not only will I have a lot of EARRINGS to choose from (with some definitely NEW styles), but also they will be MARKED DOWN in price!   Not sure yet how I’ll go about it – but there will definitely be a price reduction.

So, just in time for Mother’s Day – get your awesome, unique, artisan-made earrings here!  Keep on the lookout……and sign up for my mailing list if you don’t wanna miss out!


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Just a few more…..

So, I got this new bead making tool (check out if you dare!) and it helps create the same size bead with cool shapes (or the basic “donut” shape if you wish).  Presses do that, too.  (Shhhhh….these are secrets. 😉 )  But these bead rollers are so easy to use, I just LOVE the one I got.  Problem:  I. WANT. MORE!  Isn’t that always the case?

Chalcedony and Black

I made the black spacers with the super cool disc in the bead roller I got.   Did I say SUPER COOL!?!? (I know, I’m missing a spacer on the left….  It’s in the kiln! 😀

Chalcedony Barrel Pair

Mmmmmm…….LOVE!  I can’t wait to make EARRINGS outta these!  Or you can….. Want ’em? 🙂

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Would like to hire…..

…..a “studio wench” or someone who prefers to be paid in beads……

I just stated this a few posts ago, but – I HATE CLEANING BEADS!

Tantrum over, but excuse the bead release.  I plan on cleaning them this weekend.  HA!  (We’ll see, right?)

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Very soon!  I have to take the youngest to the doc for pink eye (EW), but I will be back with photos of BEADS!  Yes, BEADS!  I’ve got some to show ya’ll.


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Blowin’ Noses

That’s all we are doing around here these days.  Just some head colds floatin’ around.  Nothing too major, but enough to shove my motivation back into the closet.  My kiln is on today and I have hopes of playin’ around and getting some new beads done.  It’s raining.  I love to torch in the rain.  (Well, I’m not LITERALLY in the rain, silly!)

I have quite a few little beads to clean.  Have I ever stressed how I REALLY dislike cleaning beads?  Anyone wanna come and clean them for me?  PWEEEEEZE?!?!?  I’ve been meaning to get them cleaned for weeks now.  I guess I’m just lazy!

What’s new with you all?  I’m still working on my website, not sure about the blog change now and waiting patiently for this new creative endeavor I keep talking about to come to fruition.  SOON!  VERY SOON!  I’m also debating a new bead press.  Don’t know if I want a chunky disk (LIKE THIS) or maybe something like THIS for Pandora-like beads?  What do YOU think?  I love her presses, but I have to choke down spending that much.  We’ll see.  I’ve been pondering (and saving) this decision for awhile……  Guess I’ll ponder some more!

MUCH LOVE from BuckleBottom! 🙂

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Things to come.

I’m working on a new blog….and some other things.  So, if I appear to be MIA, be patient.  I will be back with new beads, new blog and new website!  I’m taking on a new creative project that I hope will be the beginning of a new adventure by the time 2011 rolls around.  🙂  We shall see!

I plan on getting to the torch this week.  Just need to get my propane tank all filled up.  Stay tuned.

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I just wanted to wish all my friends, family and faithful blog readers a very happy TWENTY-TEN! 🙂  I’m really looking forward to this year – seriously.  I am going to work on a “goal” list (something new for me) and I hope to return to it frequently to keep myself in check.  I don’t like schedules.  I don’t like routine.  But I do want some sort of agenda for my ever-changing creative side.

I’ve recently acknowledged, admitted or became aware of the fact that I really, truly like to mix things up a bit.  Not CHANGE things, necessarily, just make minor adjustments.  Like learning something new.  Finding new ways to be creative.  Do things to make life easier.   Hubby just asked me yesterday, “Have you always been like this?”  Uh, I don’t know.  But I’ve been thinking about that question.  I DO get little obsessions from time-to-time.  Things that get in my craw, per se, and I want to do something about it – even if just for a couple hours, couple days…..couple years.  Scrapbooking was one of those things.  I’d never consider myself a scrapbooker anymore, but I was for about 5 years.  Lampworking has been one of those things – but it’s going on 6 years (in March) now.  I’m not ready to give that up.  It’s maintained its flame (ha ha) in my heart.  But it does ebb and flow.  I’ve taken breaks and not been motivated over the past 6 years.  And truth be told – the past couple months have been a long break.

So, I guess I’d like to get on a bit of a creative schedule – and stick to it.  Have time for bead stuff, web stuff and new endeavors.  I’ve not been on the forums in the past year – and I think that helps to an extent.  However, because of it, I’ve lost touch with that community, which ISN’T a good thing.  Not sure what I’ll do with that.  Got any input, glassy friends?  Shoot me a comment. PLEASE.

Which leads me to the NEW endeavor/obsession part……but I think I’ll save that for another post.  🙂


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Pending Sale

I just need to get my act in gear, update my pictures and check my pricing, but I’d like to have a Christmas Sale.  Those of you that live close to me will have your items before Christmas, but I can’t guarantee anyone anything if I have to ship it.  I will do my best to get it in the mail…..then it’s up to the posty. 🙂  Big price reductions (up to 50%) and lots to choose from.  I’ll be back before the weekend with new things and sale items.


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