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I am discontinuing this blog.  Please visit for more from BuckleBottom.

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Blowin’ Noses

That’s all we are doing around here these days.  Just some head colds floatin’ around.  Nothing too major, but enough to shove my motivation back into the closet.  My kiln is on today and I have hopes of playin’ around and getting some new beads done.  It’s raining.  I love to torch in the rain.  (Well, I’m not LITERALLY in the rain, silly!)

I have quite a few little beads to clean.  Have I ever stressed how I REALLY dislike cleaning beads?  Anyone wanna come and clean them for me?  PWEEEEEZE?!?!?  I’ve been meaning to get them cleaned for weeks now.  I guess I’m just lazy!

What’s new with you all?  I’m still working on my website, not sure about the blog change now and waiting patiently for this new creative endeavor I keep talking about to come to fruition.  SOON!  VERY SOON!  I’m also debating a new bead press.  Don’t know if I want a chunky disk (LIKE THIS) or maybe something like THIS for Pandora-like beads?  What do YOU think?  I love her presses, but I have to choke down spending that much.  We’ll see.  I’ve been pondering (and saving) this decision for awhile……  Guess I’ll ponder some more!

MUCH LOVE from BuckleBottom! 🙂

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Things to come.

I’m working on a new blog….and some other things.  So, if I appear to be MIA, be patient.  I will be back with new beads, new blog and new website!  I’m taking on a new creative project that I hope will be the beginning of a new adventure by the time 2011 rolls around.  🙂  We shall see!

I plan on getting to the torch this week.  Just need to get my propane tank all filled up.  Stay tuned.

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The Promise

I TOLDJA I’d have beads!

Go HERE to check out MUCH MUCH MORE!  🙂

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No Beads, No News

Sorry for the silence.  When I have nothing to report that has anything to do with the purpose of this blog, I tend to stay quiet.

The reason for this quiet is the fact that my studio has had a serious malfunction as of late.  My oxygen concentrators (both of them) went KAPLEWIE.  So – no beads.  Not like I could spend much time out there because it’s still soooooo freakin’ hot.  I hope to have good news today as to the diagnosis…….

But – THIS HAS ME SO EXCITED!!!  I don’t know if you’re a fan…..but I sure am!!!


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Second Grade

My baby girl is growing up.  She has sported the independent attitude for years, but today was the first time she’s gone to school, on the first day, without Momma.  Granted, she only had roughly 8 weeks off so it wasn’t a LONG, endless summer….but still.  My big girl.

Raegan Jane - Second Grader

Raegan Jane - Second Grader

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Hey – COOL!

I just noticed something….in my Yahoo mail….

I CAN UPDATE MY BLOG FROM MY EMAIL!  That is too cool!  I can’t do my usual green font, but I can do most everything else for a basic post. WOW!  I don’t know why I find that amazing, but it makes it WAY easier!  I might become a “bloggaholic!”  I just need more readers…..and more beads….since that is the TRUE purpose of my blog and I rarely talk about them.

I need cooler weather!

ANYWAY!  Thanks for lettin’ me get excited over that!  Now back to your regularly scheduled program……..

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….these are a few of my favorite things…….

I got this GREAT idea from Ashley (a super cool photographer chick and friend!) and I thought I would try it out. I hope you like it!

10 Favorite Things (in no particular order):

1. SoftLips – in any flavor…..

May not work as good as some others, but I love the way it makes my lips feel. =)

2. Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper
Too much caffeine is a no-no these days. This….is….perfect.

3. Cool website designs by PappaShop
I think they design BEAUTIFUL websites. One of these days……..

4. Canon in his JumperooCanon in his jumperoo
He cracks me UP! He’ll bounce and bounce and bounce….even if he’s fussing and wants out! Makes me laugh every time!

5. Sookie Stackhouse
Ornery books….vampire themed. Not normally my ‘cup ‘o tea,’ but I can’t seem to get enough of Sookie Stackhouse!

I love glass. But that’s a given. This is the way my glass comes….by the rod. YUM!

7. Hydrangeas….especially BLUUUUUUUUE
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These remind me of my mom – especially the bluuuuue ones. =)

8. Reef flip-flops
I don’t have these particular ones…..hmmmmm…….

9. Romantic Homes Magazine
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I get A LOT of creative energy from this magazine, for some reason. I don’t decorate like the homes they show, but I love the color combinations and crafty ideas.

10. Nintendo DS
I don’t have one….yet….but I WANT ONE! =)

Share your 10 Favorites with me! I wanna know! Maybe I’ll do a 10 Favorites next with a theme. =)
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Happy Mother’s Day!

I wish all you Mommas out there a very Happy Mother’s Day – whether you’re mom to humans, fur-babies, or just FEEL like a mom! I’ve had a nice day so far. I slept in, for starters. Bad bad bad…..cuz we missed church…..but good good good because I haven’t slept in in FOREVER! It felt so nice, but I still can’t seem to wake up. It’s been HOURS, too.

Got me some take-out from PF Changs. YUM! And a QT soda (special treat). Now we are all layin’ low. The boys are napping and girls are playing. Raegan (6) is playing Pet Shops while I mess around on the computer and watch House reruns on tv. I HEART HOUSE! I don’t have much energy, but I do need to start a custom order ring for a neighbor friend. Shouldn’t take me SUPER long since I know what I’m doin’!

But anyway – back to Mother’s Day. Today is a bitter-sweet day for me. Tis super sweet because I have two great kiddos. I love being a mom to Raegan and Canon. They are awesome kids! I think today is a great day to not only be “honored” as a mom, but for us moms to honor our kids….. They made us moms! =)

It’s bitter because I sure miss my own Momma. It’ll be 14 years next month that she passed away. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her in some way or another, but today….I’ll think of her all day. Mainly the good stuff because I don’t wanna get too down about it, but a touch of sadness, of course, always creeps in. I just keep remembering – Heaven is just that much more appealing now that she’s there!! =) But I Miss You Momma…..I Always Miss You.

On a happier note, I have a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE mother in-love (aka in-law) who treats me as one of her own and has since day one, almost. She’s such a special lady and makes me feel loved and special, too. She raised two amazing boys (her younger son is quite the stud in my book – ha ha) and reflects God’s Love in many, many ways. She’s so neat! I also have a CREATIVE, ENDEARING, LOVING “step-mother” that takes wonderful care of my dad, as well as us kids. She is newer in our lives, but it feels like I’ve loved her forever. She is a remarkable woman who strives to be the best she can be – to herself and to others. These women are my Moms and I wouldn’t trade them for any others!

So I consider myself VERY blessed to have had THREE amazing moms.


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Picture Opinion

Hi friends,

I need your help. I’m REALLY trying to improve my photography skills without spending a ton of time and money (ha ha ha), so I just wanted your input. Of these two photos, which do you think is BETTER?







Which one do you think LOOKS better?  I know you can’t really tell me which one depicts the true color because you haven’t seen the piece in person. Anyway….just workin’ away. =)

I’ll write more soon. Boutique wasn’t exactly SUCCESSFUL, but wasn’t a waste of time either. xo

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