Favorite Things (2)

Just a quickie post of my top five favorite things OF THE MOMENT.  (Not the ones I consider ALL TIME faves. That was another post.) 🙂  In no particular order:

1. GLEE (altho this has potential to an all-time fave)

2. Yahoo IM (so easy to connect w/ my BFF on a daily basis)

3. Old Navy bermuda shorts (I like the length and they are so soft!)

4. Don’t Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman (‘Nuff said)

5. Cannon Beach real estate (Ahhhh – to dream)

This was a fun post to do.  I think I’ll do these “quickies” more often.  What are some of your favorites “of the moment?”  Please – tell me, tell me, TELL ME!  I need more comments!

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The earring sale was a success!  Thank you to those that took a look!  And a BIG thank you to those that purchased some goodies.  I am very, very appreciative!  I still have to complete some of the “custom” orders, but everyone else should have their’s in hand by today or tomorrow (if you don’t have them already, that is).

Because of the success of the sale, I may throw one out there again soon.  Could be on everything or just a particular item…..not sure yet.  But we need a way to celebrate summer, right?

Speaking of summer – it’s starting to get QUITE warm here which means my torch, Blaze, won’t see me very much.  I’m still willing to take custom orders up until school ends (which means 2 more weeks, btw), but then I’ll be on hiatus until the weather cools.  So if you’re interested, shoot me an email quickly! 🙂

Not looking forward to 116 degrees, but definitely looking for some fun family time!  Hope you have exciting summer plans!!

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Blowin’ Noses

That’s all we are doing around here these days.  Just some head colds floatin’ around.  Nothing too major, but enough to shove my motivation back into the closet.  My kiln is on today and I have hopes of playin’ around and getting some new beads done.  It’s raining.  I love to torch in the rain.  (Well, I’m not LITERALLY in the rain, silly!)

I have quite a few little beads to clean.  Have I ever stressed how I REALLY dislike cleaning beads?  Anyone wanna come and clean them for me?  PWEEEEEZE?!?!?  I’ve been meaning to get them cleaned for weeks now.  I guess I’m just lazy!

What’s new with you all?  I’m still working on my website, not sure about the blog change now and waiting patiently for this new creative endeavor I keep talking about to come to fruition.  SOON!  VERY SOON!  I’m also debating a new bead press.  Don’t know if I want a chunky disk (LIKE THIS) or maybe something like THIS for Pandora-like beads?  What do YOU think?  I love her presses, but I have to choke down spending that much.  We’ll see.  I’ve been pondering (and saving) this decision for awhile……  Guess I’ll ponder some more!

MUCH LOVE from BuckleBottom! 🙂

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Things to come.

I’m working on a new blog….and some other things.  So, if I appear to be MIA, be patient.  I will be back with new beads, new blog and new website!  I’m taking on a new creative project that I hope will be the beginning of a new adventure by the time 2011 rolls around.  🙂  We shall see!

I plan on getting to the torch this week.  Just need to get my propane tank all filled up.  Stay tuned.

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Thanksgiving is over.  Therefore, in my mind, the Christmas season has begun!!  JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!  WHOO HOO!!!  Almost all our Christmas decor is up thanks to my awesome hubby!  Our tree is up.  The lights on the house are almost done.  The decor is spread throughout the house.  The holiday tunes are a-blastin’.  🙂  Even my blog got a little “Christmasized.”

So here’s to a very MERRY Christmastime to you and yours.


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The Promise

I TOLDJA I’d have beads!

Go HERE to check out MUCH MUCH MORE!  🙂

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No Beads, No News

Sorry for the silence.  When I have nothing to report that has anything to do with the purpose of this blog, I tend to stay quiet.

The reason for this quiet is the fact that my studio has had a serious malfunction as of late.  My oxygen concentrators (both of them) went KAPLEWIE.  So – no beads.  Not like I could spend much time out there because it’s still soooooo freakin’ hot.  I hope to have good news today as to the diagnosis…….

But – THIS HAS ME SO EXCITED!!!  I don’t know if you’re a fan…..but I sure am!!!


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Second Grade

My baby girl is growing up.  She has sported the independent attitude for years, but today was the first time she’s gone to school, on the first day, without Momma.  Granted, she only had roughly 8 weeks off so it wasn’t a LONG, endless summer….but still.  My big girl.

Raegan Jane - Second Grader

Raegan Jane - Second Grader

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….these are a few of my favorite things…….

I got this GREAT idea from Ashley (a super cool photographer chick and friend!) and I thought I would try it out. I hope you like it!

10 Favorite Things (in no particular order):

1. SoftLips – in any flavor…..


May not work as good as some others, but I love the way it makes my lips feel. =)

2. Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper

Too much caffeine is a no-no these days. This….is….perfect.

3. Cool website designs by PappaShop
I think they design BEAUTIFUL websites. One of these days……..

4. Canon in his JumperooCanon in his jumperoo
He cracks me UP! He’ll bounce and bounce and bounce….even if he’s fussing and wants out! Makes me laugh every time!

5. Sookie Stackhouse
Ornery books….vampire themed. Not normally my ‘cup ‘o tea,’ but I can’t seem to get enough of Sookie Stackhouse!

I love glass. But that’s a given. This is the way my glass comes….by the rod. YUM!

7. Hydrangeas….especially BLUUUUUUUUE
The image “https://i2.wp.com/www.wholeblossoms.com/img/productos/Assorted-Hydrangeas-elite-w.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
These remind me of my mom – especially the bluuuuue ones. =)

8. Reef flip-flops
I don’t have these particular ones…..hmmmmm…….

9. Romantic Homes Magazine
The image “https://i1.wp.com/sentimentalcelebrations.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/img201.151210456_std.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
I get A LOT of creative energy from this magazine, for some reason. I don’t decorate like the homes they show, but I love the color combinations and crafty ideas.

10. Nintendo DS
I don’t have one….yet….but I WANT ONE! =)

Share your 10 Favorites with me! I wanna know! Maybe I’ll do a 10 Favorites next with a theme. =)
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Most of you that know me know that I’m one of the world’s worst gift-givers. I never plan well. I usually forget. I have great intentions, but usually fall short.

So – it REALLLLLLY bothers me when I actually put a plan in ACTION, think I’m doing something really special for someone….and KURSPLAT!!! Something happens that is out of my control….and the plan goes flyin’ out the window. Or gets lost in the mail……

I sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to my new “step-mom” for Mother’s Day. She’s really more just an awesome friend and my Dad’s love….just because “step-mom” doesn’t fit and I’m kinda old to have a NEW mom. (Trust me, I love her to pieces, it’s just weird to think of her as “mom.”)

I digress…. I sent her…no WE sent her flowers for Mother’s Day. And she didn’t get them. Now – I understand why they probably didn’t get there Sunday. I am still a procrastinator. But when they promised by Monday, I expected them by Monday! And….yes – it’s TUESDAY and they are still not there.

Or lost.

I’m bummed – and out quite a few dollars to boot! So – I’ve sent a request to see what’s UP. Uh, HELLO! They have 48 hours to respond? I want my answer NOW.


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