Favorite Things (2)

Just a quickie post of my top five favorite things OF THE MOMENT.¬† (Not the ones I consider ALL TIME faves. That was another post.) ūüôā¬† In no particular order:

1. GLEE (altho this has potential to an all-time fave)

2. Yahoo IM (so easy to connect w/ my BFF on a daily basis)

3. Old Navy bermuda shorts (I like the length and they are so soft!)

4. Don’t Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman (‘Nuff said)

5. Cannon Beach real estate (Ahhhh – to dream)

This was a fun post to do.¬† I think I’ll do these “quickies” more often.¬† What are some of your favorites “of the moment?”¬† Please – tell me, tell me, TELL ME!¬† I need more comments!

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….these are a few of my favorite things…….

I got this GREAT idea from Ashley (a super cool photographer chick and friend!) and I thought I would try it out. I hope you like it!

10 Favorite Things (in no particular order):

1. SoftLips – in any flavor…..


May not work as good as some others, but I love the way it makes my lips feel. =)

2. Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper

Too much caffeine is a no-no these days. This….is….perfect.

3. Cool website designs by PappaShop
I think they design BEAUTIFUL websites. One of these days……..

4. Canon in his JumperooCanon in his jumperoo
He cracks me UP! He’ll bounce and bounce and bounce….even if he’s fussing and wants out! Makes me laugh every time!

5. Sookie Stackhouse
Ornery books….vampire themed. Not normally my ‘cup ‘o tea,’ but I can’t seem to get enough of Sookie Stackhouse!

I love glass. But that’s a given. This is the way my glass comes….by the rod. YUM!

7. Hydrangeas….especially BLUUUUUUUUE
The image ‚Äúhttps://i2.wp.com/www.wholeblossoms.com/img/productos/Assorted-Hydrangeas-elite-w.jpg‚ÄĚ cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
These remind me of my mom – especially the bluuuuue ones. =)

8. Reef flip-flops
I don’t have these particular ones…..hmmmmm…….

9. Romantic Homes Magazine
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I get A LOT of creative energy from this magazine, for some reason. I don’t decorate like the homes they show, but I love the color combinations and crafty ideas.

10. Nintendo DS
I don’t have one….yet….but I WANT ONE! =)

Share your 10 Favorites with me! I wanna know! Maybe I’ll do a 10 Favorites next with a theme. =)
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