Favorite Things (2)

Just a quickie post of my top five favorite things OF THE MOMENT.  (Not the ones I consider ALL TIME faves. That was another post.) 🙂  In no particular order:

1. GLEE (altho this has potential to an all-time fave)

2. Yahoo IM (so easy to connect w/ my BFF on a daily basis)

3. Old Navy bermuda shorts (I like the length and they are so soft!)

4. Don’t Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman (‘Nuff said)

5. Cannon Beach real estate (Ahhhh – to dream)

This was a fun post to do.  I think I’ll do these “quickies” more often.  What are some of your favorites “of the moment?”  Please – tell me, tell me, TELL ME!  I need more comments!

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Post Valentine’s Day Post :)

I love the idea of Valentine’s Day.  I really do.  But my Love doesn’t really “DO” Valentine’s Day.  He acknowledges it.  There are the usual cards and gifts for me and the kiddos, but I know he’s not really into it.  I can respect that.  He DOES show me love every day of the year, but I told him it’s not just about THAT. 🙂

It’s about ROMANCE when it comes to your spouse or significant other.  It’s about taking a day and DEVOTING it to that special person(s) you love.  (I firmly believe that my children are the Valentine’s in our life, too.)  And my loving husband is okay with that.  He’ll go with the flow.  He’s just not, as I stated, INTO it as much as I am.

But this past Valentine’s Day was super special.  We planned it together and directed it towards our awesome daughter.  She often times is neglected in the shuffle of things and asked to be more grown up than she is.  She’s a trooper and she needed some special recognition on a special day.


And since Broadway musicals are my MOST FAVORITE thing to see…..I got my special treat on that same special day, too.  She grabbed her BFF, we went to a sit-down restaurant (Red Robin is as fancy as it gets since seven year old girls prefer McDonalds), went and saw Mary Poppins and had a sleep-over!  It was quite the treat for her, but for me, too.  We had a very nice Valentine’s Day. ❤

Hope you did, too!

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No Beads, No News

Sorry for the silence.  When I have nothing to report that has anything to do with the purpose of this blog, I tend to stay quiet.

The reason for this quiet is the fact that my studio has had a serious malfunction as of late.  My oxygen concentrators (both of them) went KAPLEWIE.  So – no beads.  Not like I could spend much time out there because it’s still soooooo freakin’ hot.  I hope to have good news today as to the diagnosis…….

But – THIS HAS ME SO EXCITED!!!  I don’t know if you’re a fan…..but I sure am!!!


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Today is a SPECIAL day!

Today is Josh’s birthday.  My loving, caring, hard-working, motivated, Spirit-filled husband’s birthday.  He is an incredible man that works endlessly to provide for his family.  Not only does he get up every morning to go in to work and provide for us, he comes home and does one of the household duties that most gals, especially stay-at-home moms like myself, do.  He COOKS!  Yes – he is a man full of integrity, honesty and loyalty.  AND I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!




Happy Birthday, my sweet husband.  I hope your day is extra special.

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