I’ve listed some earrings on my website – HERE – on sale for Mother’s Day! Just click on *EARRINGS SALE* to see all the goodies.  Send me an email if interested! 🙂

I’ve made more bead pairs that are just waiting to get turned into earrings and then they’ll be put up, too.  This “one-gal band” can only do so much, especially with a 1 year old trying to get his hands on….everything!

Sale is until May 9th.  Claim your earrings soon (by Wednesday) in order to get them by Mother’s Day!  If you’re not in a hurry, please let me know. 🙂  Thank you!!

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Torchin’ Again!

Oxygen concentrator fixed.


Weather cooling off.


Beads being made.


Pictures taken of said beads.

Uh – nope.  Not yet!  But I’ll try to get some today and post them.  I’m just kinda warming up, so they aren’t that great yet and may look better in jewelry….so….until I like what I see, please wait! 🙂  And be patient.  I’m very excited with a couple things I’m working on.

I do have some custom bead orders pending (I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU!) but I also have a boutique (I only do two a year) in two and a half weeks.  I’m sorry, I’m crankin’ it all out as fast as I can.  I am just working when my littlest is napping (so – maybe an hour and a half a day, Mon-Fri) and my eldest is in school (not this week!).  Not in panic mode……yet.

So stay tuned.  I promise the next update will have beadie goodies and jewelry!

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Most of you that know me know that I’m one of the world’s worst gift-givers. I never plan well. I usually forget. I have great intentions, but usually fall short.

So – it REALLLLLLY bothers me when I actually put a plan in ACTION, think I’m doing something really special for someone….and KURSPLAT!!! Something happens that is out of my control….and the plan goes flyin’ out the window. Or gets lost in the mail……

I sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to my new “step-mom” for Mother’s Day. She’s really more just an awesome friend and my Dad’s love….just because “step-mom” doesn’t fit and I’m kinda old to have a NEW mom. (Trust me, I love her to pieces, it’s just weird to think of her as “mom.”)

I digress…. I sent her…no WE sent her flowers for Mother’s Day. And she didn’t get them. Now – I understand why they probably didn’t get there Sunday. I am still a procrastinator. But when they promised by Monday, I expected them by Monday! And….yes – it’s TUESDAY and they are still not there.

Or lost.

I’m bummed – and out quite a few dollars to boot! So – I’ve sent a request to see what’s UP. Uh, HELLO! They have 48 hours to respond? I want my answer NOW.


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Happy Mother’s Day!

I wish all you Mommas out there a very Happy Mother’s Day – whether you’re mom to humans, fur-babies, or just FEEL like a mom! I’ve had a nice day so far. I slept in, for starters. Bad bad bad…..cuz we missed church…..but good good good because I haven’t slept in in FOREVER! It felt so nice, but I still can’t seem to wake up. It’s been HOURS, too.

Got me some take-out from PF Changs. YUM! And a QT soda (special treat). Now we are all layin’ low. The boys are napping and girls are playing. Raegan (6) is playing Pet Shops while I mess around on the computer and watch House reruns on tv. I HEART HOUSE! I don’t have much energy, but I do need to start a custom order ring for a neighbor friend. Shouldn’t take me SUPER long since I know what I’m doin’!

But anyway – back to Mother’s Day. Today is a bitter-sweet day for me. Tis super sweet because I have two great kiddos. I love being a mom to Raegan and Canon. They are awesome kids! I think today is a great day to not only be “honored” as a mom, but for us moms to honor our kids….. They made us moms! =)

It’s bitter because I sure miss my own Momma. It’ll be 14 years next month that she passed away. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her in some way or another, but today….I’ll think of her all day. Mainly the good stuff because I don’t wanna get too down about it, but a touch of sadness, of course, always creeps in. I just keep remembering – Heaven is just that much more appealing now that she’s there!! =) But I Miss You Momma…..I Always Miss You.

On a happier note, I have a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE mother in-love (aka in-law) who treats me as one of her own and has since day one, almost. She’s such a special lady and makes me feel loved and special, too. She raised two amazing boys (her younger son is quite the stud in my book – ha ha) and reflects God’s Love in many, many ways. She’s so neat! I also have a CREATIVE, ENDEARING, LOVING “step-mother” that takes wonderful care of my dad, as well as us kids. She is newer in our lives, but it feels like I’ve loved her forever. She is a remarkable woman who strives to be the best she can be – to herself and to others. These women are my Moms and I wouldn’t trade them for any others!

So I consider myself VERY blessed to have had THREE amazing moms.


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