Favorite Things (2)

Just a quickie post of my top five favorite things OF THE MOMENT.  (Not the ones I consider ALL TIME faves. That was another post.) 🙂  In no particular order:

1. GLEE (altho this has potential to an all-time fave)

2. Yahoo IM (so easy to connect w/ my BFF on a daily basis)

3. Old Navy bermuda shorts (I like the length and they are so soft!)

4. Don’t Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman (‘Nuff said)

5. Cannon Beach real estate (Ahhhh – to dream)

This was a fun post to do.  I think I’ll do these “quickies” more often.  What are some of your favorites “of the moment?”  Please – tell me, tell me, TELL ME!  I need more comments!

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Summer Is Here!

We had an unusually long spring, which was FINE BY ME!  We didn’t really get HOT hot until this week.  It really was nice weather.

Then school let out.  The daughter started her usual persistent chatter.  The pool started to become warm enough to get in.  And the temperature outside started to creep upwards….towards 100……then past 100.  We are suppose to get up to about 110 by Sunday.

I know.  It happens every year.  “You live in Arizona, so you must like the heat.”  Nope.  I don’t live in Arizona for the heat.  I live in Arizona so that my husband has a steady income, my kids can visit grandparents almost whenever they want and because it’s such a pain to move. 😛  So I brace myself for 110…..115….120 degrees.

And that is why Blaze (the torchie-poo in my studio garage) sits unattended.  No amount of portable AC can cool that little corner of my glassy world enough.  So he sits abandoned.  But I do have quite a few beads made to get me through the summer.  I plan on putting quite a few sets together (some “orphan” bead sets, bracelet/necklace sets and earring pairs) for Etsy and then some more jewelry for my website.  I have a couple custom orders to finish…..then it’s SALE TIME.

I figured that would be a really good way to help us all through the summer – with some fabulously fun, sassy and HOT bead goodies for ya.  So, I plan on getting stuff together in the next couple of weeks so that by mid-late June, I’ll have some great stuff listed.

I will be back in a couple of days to announce a chance to WIN beads/jewelry right here on my blog.  Until then – STAY COOL.


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The earring sale was a success!  Thank you to those that took a look!  And a BIG thank you to those that purchased some goodies.  I am very, very appreciative!  I still have to complete some of the “custom” orders, but everyone else should have their’s in hand by today or tomorrow (if you don’t have them already, that is).

Because of the success of the sale, I may throw one out there again soon.  Could be on everything or just a particular item…..not sure yet.  But we need a way to celebrate summer, right?

Speaking of summer – it’s starting to get QUITE warm here which means my torch, Blaze, won’t see me very much.  I’m still willing to take custom orders up until school ends (which means 2 more weeks, btw), but then I’ll be on hiatus until the weather cools.  So if you’re interested, shoot me an email quickly! 🙂

Not looking forward to 116 degrees, but definitely looking for some fun family time!  Hope you have exciting summer plans!!

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Second Grade

My baby girl is growing up.  She has sported the independent attitude for years, but today was the first time she’s gone to school, on the first day, without Momma.  Granted, she only had roughly 8 weeks off so it wasn’t a LONG, endless summer….but still.  My big girl.

Raegan Jane - Second Grader

Raegan Jane - Second Grader

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Holy Hades, Batman!

It is SOOOOOOO hot!

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What I did on my summer vacation…..part 2

There is nothing…NOTHING….like being by the water.  For me it is PEACE. COMFORT. JOY. EASE.  I just love it.  Why, oh why do I live in the desert?!?!

My family goes on a vacation every summer together.  By “my family” I mean my immediate family (hubby and [2] kiddos) AND my dad and his wifey.   The past three years we have gone to Cannon Beach, Oregon.  We get there, move in and start relaxing IMMEDIATELY.  It’s just easy – especially since we have stayed at the same house each time.  We quickly get into a daily routine, which sure doesn’t include MUCH, but ENOUGH. We. Just. Love. It.

We spent 10 days there.  STILL not enough time.  I really do dread coming back home, getting into a funk the day before we leave.  I don’t like to be that way, but I just can’t seem to help it.  The simple life we live on vacation suites me just fine.

But, I’m back.  I’m back to 100+ degree temperatures, no beach to be seen and having to care for the kiddos (as sweet and terrific as they are) all by myself during the day.  (I LOVE sharing the responsibility!)  Ho HUM.

I wish to be here again:

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What I did on my summer vacation….part 1

Well, summer is officially in FULL swing.  We have spent some time in Tucson, a little bit of time just chillin’ and now we’ve done the official beginning of summer camp-out.  We went on our annual camping trip with our home group buddies.  We always look forward to it.  It’s tough because I’m not a HUGE fan of camping, but I so love hangin’ out with my “peeps.”


And Raegan (my six year old) went to Girl Scout day camp today.  It’s SPA week.  LOL!  She had a blast, but BOY was she tired after camping all weekend and then hanging out in the sun ALL DAY today.  She’s a trooper though.  I hope she makes it through the week!  I hope to get a picture tomorrow morning.  Didn’t get one the first day.

Summer Vacation Part 2 should be coming shortly……we leave for our BIG vacation in under two weeks.  YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAW!!!!!

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